Make A Monster: Teacher Birthday Cards

When you’re 4 (and a half!) and you’re a boy, what’s the first thing to come to mind when you’re making a birthday card for your preschool teacher? Why, the Make A Monster stamp set, of course!

My son loves to stamp with me, and BY FAR his favorite set is Make A Monster (see it online – clear 120606 or wood 118742). He made this card ALL by himself — the only help I gave him was folding the card and trimming the edge.  Don’t you love his creativity??

We have this set in Clear Mount, which concerned me a bit.  Would he be able to manage putting each stamp on a block to use it?  Would stamps get lost in the process of kid creation time?

The answer is that he does GREAT with this set, even with the tiny pieces.  One of our solutions for keeping everything together is to keep the big rubber ‘background’ when I mount a set.  That way even a 4 year old can easily see if he’s put all the pieces away or if there’s a stray antennae somewhere on the floor.

To make it easy for the pieces to stick to the block, I teach him how to mount the stamps:

  1. Put the stamp on the table, rubber side down.
  2. Press the clear block to the back of the stamp and count to 5.

I also cheat just a little — I add a smudge of 2-Way Glue Pen (see it online) to the block, just to give it a little bit of extra sticky.  It’s the perfect amount of stick/release for the clear blocks, especially in the winter when dry climates make clear mount stamps tricky.

By the way, be sure to check out our Make A Monster Charm Bracelets from this past summer — they were a huge hit at Summer Scrap Camp for Kids!  And not just for boys–the junior high girls LOVED this stamp set, too 🙂

tucker-signatureOkay, and I just have to share his signature.  Don’t you love little kid handwriting? 🙂

Happy Stamping!

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