My Digital Studio: not just for scrapbooking

MDS: Not just for scrapbooking, perfect for PTO advertising!

Guess what?  My Digital Studio (MDS) is great for ALL kinds of projects! I wanted to share this poster (about 4 ft by 2 1/2 ft) that I created to advertise a recent PTO activity. It’s huge!  And it attracted lots of attention, which is the point of advertising.  I’ve actually used MDS for school projects loads of times.

The big orange frame came from the Fancy Frames Digital download (see it online here).  You’ll notice that it doesn’t include an orange frame.  No problem!  One of the fabulous features of the most recent MDS updates is that you can re-color an element.  So all I did was re-color the white frame from the download so that it matches our school colors.

For printing, I just exported my poster as a jpg, and then had it printed at a print shop on a large format printer.  For things that you can’t print at home, and that Stampin’ Up! doesn’t offer, it’s great that you can take your MDS creations anywhere.

Have you looked at My Digital Studio lately? There are a lot of great updates! Best of all, the cost for the software and content package is now only $19.95!

And if you have MDS purchased prior to August 2012, you can catch up to your friends who have already been all the new features.  And the cost is free!  The links to get those downloads are here on

Keep in mind that if you’re updating to the new software for free you’ll get all the super tools, but not the new content.  If you want the new content, I’d highly recommend just getting the $19.95 version, which will contain all the updated fabulous content.

And have you been using MDS?  Be sure you check the latest digital downloads!

Or looking for MDS project ideas? Here are a variety of MDS project ideas on my blog.

Or looking for some free MDS training?  Here are some free MDS tutorials from my blog that you might find helpful!

Happy Stamping!


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