Recycle that Stampin’ Up! Packing Paper: VBS style

Have you ever received a shipping box from Stampin’ Up!? If so, then you know about the fabulous brown paper that is included as packing material. Really–it’s great stuff!

Last year I put out a plea with my fellow demonstrators, asking them to save their extra paper for me. We used it in various ways to disguise and decorate parts of our church for our annual Vacation Bible School. Check out the ways we used our paper last year (think ‘swamp theme’ for last year’s VBS).

I asked my fellow demonstrators to save paper for me AGAIN this year… so check out this year’s decorations! Our theme this year is “High Seas Expedition“, so we’re thinking ships, fishing and water. Thanks to our friends Lyndsey and Dan for doing the set in the front of the church–wow!


You’ll see Stampin’ Up! brown packing paper making an appearance several places…think 150-200 yards of it!  Coverings for ship masts, covering for the wall posts in the narthex of the church, as extra ‘decking’ at the bottom of our scenery…  We even used it down the hallways, rolled sideways to give us the look of sand dunes up against the walls.




Speaking of recycling… see the faux-stone ship terminal? Last year it was a swamp shack.  Amazing what a coat of paint will do! That’s my friend Mickey there–she’s our VBS coordinator this year. (Thanks Mickey!)

If you’d like to learn more about our VBS (or even bring your kids) you’re welcome to join us this week!

You never know where you can use that brown packing paper.  If you need to find some near you, let me know and I can help you find a local source!

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3 thoughts on “Recycle that Stampin’ Up! Packing Paper: VBS style”

  1. de-lurking just to say…what a fabulous job!!!
    VBS is sooo much work, all to the glory of the Lord, therefore a joy!


  2. LOL! I thought I was the only one that used it the paper for VBS. Our theme was SaddleRidge Ranch.

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