“Mom, Can I Use Your Cell Phone?”

When you’re 6, your Valentine’s Day awareness is pretty much limited to a fun class party. You get to hand out all the valentines that you made (painstakingly writing out everyone’s names) and collect all the fun valentines that your friends made for you.

Today is my daughter’s Valentine’s Day party at school, and she’s excited to take in the valentines she made. Really, what says “Happy Valentine’s Day” more than a red construction paper heart? 🙂


I know… it’s actually including candy that makes or breaks the valentine when you’re 6. 😉 So we tucked a sucker into each valentine, making it appear that each of the cute Build-A-Bears is actually holding onto the stick.


Abby had fun stamping all the bears with our Beary Best Friends stamp set, of course matching up the boy and girl bears for each child in her class.

We also added the Beary Nice Wishes greeting, “I {heart} you beary much,” for the extra ‘cute’ factor.

You might also notice that Abby added “BFF” on this valentine, even though she admitted to me that she didn’t know what it meant. She just knew that’s what you were supposed to say to your friends. Maybe I should worry about her ‘texting’ her friends sooner than I thought!!




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2 thoughts on ““Mom, Can I Use Your Cell Phone?””

  1. Tell Abby that Aunt Mary LOVES her Valentines! And Mom….it is going to come faster than you think…they grow up SO FAST!!

  2. So cute Meg! I stuck to store bought Valentines this year and just taped on a sucker. I did spend time making Seth a cute Valentine box though…it's on my blog.

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