How to Cut Cardstock: A Stamping 101 Tutorial

It’s one thing to look at fabulous card ideas in the Stampin’ Up! catalog or here online, but another thing to actually be able to turn those ideas into real cards at home.

One of the basic skills you’ll need to grasp is “How to Cut Cardstock,” so I’ve created a handy Stamping 101 Video Tutorial showing you exactly that. Yes, it’s simple, but I get a lot of questions on this from new stampers. Everyone has to learn somewhere, right?

You’ll want to start off with a good paper cutter–scissors alone aren’t going to do the job for you. Stampin’ Up! has a great Paper Cutter (104152) that I use in my own stamping studio.

I mentioned my Stamps in the Mail Club in the Video Tutorial. Remember that with Stamps in the Mail Club, your cardstock is pre-cut for you, so you don’t have to worry about this cutting business 😉




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Paper Cutter (104152)

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