Here’s a Wish List idea for you…

0809bigshotbigdealWorking on your Wish List so you can email me and get FUN things for the holidays this year? Need an idea? Add the BIG SHOT!!
This is definitely the #1 item on Holiday Wish Lists this year!!

If someone wants to get you a *BIG* gift, the Big Shot is a great choice for making their gift dollars go far:
For $195.95 (plus shipping/tax) they be able to get you:

  • Big Shot plus 2 sets of Cutting Pads and 7 dies (at a $10 discount already)
  • a free $4.95 die from me (my special holiday treat for you)
  • $20 MORE in free catalog merchandise of your choice
  • a free Hostess Stamp Set (level 1)
  • For a grand total of $50 extra in free gifts–pretty nice bonus that you’ll see under your Christmas tree!

081113babybanner3Still not sure you need it? Want to see more details on the Big Shot? Don’t miss my recent Baby Shower Banner post, plus my video tutorial on the Blossom Baskets (just picture Christmas or Thanksgiving paper there!), or just view ALL my Big Shot blog posts.


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