It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s a Bus Tag?

Here’s a quick stamping tip for you… remember that your supplies can be used for pretty much any project in your household!

090925cardaytagLast year my daughter’s kindergarten principal gave us the idea of including a tag on our children’s backpacks to help them remember where they were supposed to go after school–car pick-up, take the bus, etc.

While last year’s tag was VERY large, this year’s tag is a bit more subtle.  It seems that 1st graders have different ideas of what is cool and what might not be so cool.

To make the tag a little more durable than plain paper or card stock, I covered the finished tag with layers of packing tape, then cut around the edge.

Once again, the supplies from “It’s Not Your Mama’s Simply Scrappin’ Kit” come in handy!

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