Founder’s Circle Day 4: Red Cliffs to Golf Carts

Maybe you won’t be surprised, but our last full day here in St George started off with a hike.  Lynsay Mahon and Claire Lawrence and I headed out to the Red Reef Trail in the Red Cliffs Recreation Area to check out this gorgeous trail up a canyon.  Actually, we were here in 2009 on a hiking trip that was waylaid, so it was fun to re-visit a wilderness we’d seen.

red reef hiking trail red cliffs recreation area st george utah

See how the water runs down the middle of the canyon? We didn’t have to walk in the water like we did in the Narrows yesterday, but we did have to do a little climb around a precipice over the running water. There were steps carved into the sandstone so we could get across in our sneakers.

red reef hiking trail, red cliffs recreation area st george utah

There were even a few caves along the hike.  The red rocks were absolutely beautiful.  The weather here has been perfect for being outdoors — not nearly as hot as it can be during this time of year.

red reef hiking trail red cliffs recreation area st george leeds utah

After hiking we headed back to do our Make N Take projects using the new stamp set and a WONDERFUL new doily Sizzlit that will both be in the upcoming Occasions Mini Catalog (check back on January 5th).

founder's circle make n takes

Here are two of our projects:

There was also a new set of desserts… yum!  All week Stampin’ Up! has had different special treats for us in the refrigerator case.  Yesterday my fav was a lemon bar, and today was these cute tarts.  I like tarts because you get more pie crust per filling, and YUM for pie crust 🙂


At 4 pm we boarded the Stampin’ Up! buses for our final “mystery” event.  Stampin’ Up! is GREAT about surprising us, and this year was no different!  The funny thing is that when we pulled up to the Coral Canyon Golf Course, no one suspected that we were there for the golf course!  In the past we’ve had all kinds of activities and events at golf courses around St. George, from a movie night to a dinner with a butterfly release.

But this year there were LOTS of golf carts waiting for us, and we even got to DRIVE our own carts!  We had 17 teams for a golf scramble, except each hole had a stamping-style game.  At one hole we putted to try to hit the Stampin’ Up! product that we wanted to take home (I missed, but the consolation prize was a Card Keeper Box, so no big deal).  At another hole we answered Stampin’ Up! trivia questions: What’s the maximum number of items shipped from Stampin’ Up! in a single day, ever?

And several of the holes had marshmallow golf games, like trying to hit a marshmallow down a driving range, or a relay carrying a marshmallow on a golf club head.  After the scramble events, we headed back to the club house for a yummy dinner and more great treats!  Each of us found our table seat marked with a golf trophy to commemorate our Tea Time “TEE” Time.

tea time trophy

Shelli thanked us for coming, and we applauded the Special Events Staff who put this fabulous week together for us.

Back at the hotel, demonstrators congregated in the lobby for awhile, since no one wanted to head up to their room and have Founder’s Circle be that much closer to the end.  This week has been too much fun, with so many different adventures and surprises.

Stampin’ Up! had one more surprise in store though… our last night Pillow Gift.  Each of us received a key chain with a special custom Tea Cup and filled with our own Stampin’ Up! Simply Adorned Baubles.

What a whirlwind of a week.  It has been wonderful to be pampered and spoiled by Stampin’ Up! at the Founder’s Circle Retreat.  I feel so fortunate to be included on this event and to have the chance to be around this amazing group of 100 women who love to share stamping as much as I do.

Happy Stamping!



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