Snowmen Everywhere

One of Abby’s favorite things to do is “make projects”. Her favorite stamp set of all time is an old snowman set, with separate circles for each part of the snowman’s body.

abby snowmen

Here she is, hard at work on her creation. I was impressed that when she was 2, she could put the snowmen together and add hats, arms, etc. (these are some pretty old pictures 😉 You can see some of her work above.


Of course Abby took her stamping seriously back then. She still takes it seriously now, but fortunately she remembers to keep her stamped images mostly on her paper, now that she’s 5.


If you look carefully here, you can see the blue circle that Abby stamped around her eye. Not sure what she was planning to do there, but she did look pretty cute 🙂 Fortunately those Classic Pads wash off easily!!

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