Keep Your Stamps Clean: A Stamping 101 Tutorial

If you’re already a stamper, this may seem pretty fundamental to you. But if you’re new to the world of rubber stamping, sometimes it’s tricky to find the basic information that you need to get started.

Here you’ll see some very basic tips for keeping your stamps clean and ready to use, plus what to do when your Stampin’ Scrub doesn’t seem to be cleaning your stamps very well any longer.

Really, the Tutorial is 2 minute long… you never know, you might learn something 🙂

stampin up stampin scrub stamp cleaner 126200L

Update 11/5/14:  …okay, so sorry, but my tutorial got lost in the move from one blogging platform to another.  So in place of the video, here are my top 10 tips for caring for your stamps.

10. Yes, the Stampin’ Scrub (126200) is a great item for your stamping toolbox.  No, it’s not an exciting purchase, but you will be glad you have one when your project calls for the same stamped image in 5 different colors!

9. The Stampin’ Mist (102394) has a nice rose scent.  Which I don’t love.  But if you pour half of the Stampin’ Mist into another container and fill it back up with water, your Mist will last twice as long, plus the scent is lighter.  It still works great for stamp cleaning.

8. At the corners of each of the sides on the Stampin’ Scrub pad is a little cut-out in the cleaner pad.  There’s a set of raindrops on one side (use that as the wet side) and a sunshine on the other side (use that as the dry side).

7. When your stamps don’t get very clean after using your scrub, take your whole Stampin’ Scrub to the sink and run lots of water over both pads.  This will wash out the leftover ink.

6. Leave your Stampin’ Scrub propped up sideways on the dish drain for quickest drying.

5. Yes, you can probably put the fuzzy pads from your Scrub in the top rack of the dishwasher.  But be sure you have a low heat setting so the pads don’t warp… (try this at your own risk – success varies from dishwasher to dishwasher).

4. Add a little dish soap (or hand soap – whatever is handy) when you wash your Stampin’ Scrub.

3. Yes, the little mister bottle from the Stampin’ Mist is great to refill with rubbing alcohol when you have emptied it – it’s a terrific little spritzer!

2. Yes, the 8 oz. refill bottle of Stampin’ Mist will seem like a lifetime supply 🙂

1.  The Stampin’ Scrub is the cheapest washer and dryer you will ever purchase 🙂


(or you might not–and there is certainly more than one way to clean a stamp!) 🙂




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