All I Needed to Know I Learned At Summer Scrap Camp

The 2nd session of my Summer Scrap Camp for Kids meets today, and I’m looking forward to having everyone here!


Kids are the most enthusiastic scrapbookers I’ve ever met. They don’t worry about “being behind” on their pictures, and they don’t agonize over color choices. They just jump right in and enjoy what they’re doing!

Probably we could all take a few lessons from the girls at Scrap Camp–I know I have made some changes myself!

Here are a few things that I’ve picked up from working with the girls:

  • Keep the choices simple — Too many colors, too many embellishments? Sticking to 2-3 colors per page and maybe some Designer Paper accents helps the design process go more quickly.
  • Pages first, then pictures — Once the picture goes on the page, it’s easy to get distracted and harder to focus on the page creation. It seems much easier to design a fun page and then go back and add in the photo.
  • Choose one or two favorite photos — Every picture from an event doesn’t need to be immortalized in a scrapbook page. Picking a favorite or two can successful summarize the occasion.




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