Yo Ho, Yo Ho! A (pink) Pirate’s Life for ME!

This weekend we hosted 26 little 7 & 8 year old girls….errr…PIRATES for a Pink Pirate Birthday Party! Of course the party included a chance to stamp.  For one project, the girls each decorated a Pirate Notebook with alphabet and heart stamps.

I’m still recovering, but here are a few photos from our 2 hour voyage, plus our ‘message in a bottle’ party invitations, complete with sand!

Pink Pirate Party food:

  • “Sea Brine — For Pirates Only!” (stickers on water bottles)
  • Foamy Seas  (blue jello in a clear cup with Swedish Fish and whipped cream on top)
  • Cake & Ice Cream (pre-scooped into pink muffin liners with a pirate sail toothpick on top)
  • Goldfish crackers, carrots & celery

Pink Pirate Crafts:

  • “A Pirate’s Life for Me” Notebooks
  • Pirate Treasure Chests (gotta love glue & rhinestones!)

Pink Pirate Party Games:

  • Dig for Buried Treasure (sandbox with buried beads)
  • Pin the Pirate on the Ship
  • Cannonball Pop (blow up black balloons with notes inside — “Walk like a pirate!”, “Say AARG!”

Love the font on the notebook?  I found some great free pirate fonts online.  This one is called Windlass.

Happy Stamping!

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