Why NOT to Give Your Brayer to a 5-Year Old

090440brayertechniqueAren’t you curious? Just why NOT give your brayer (covered in Real Red Classic Ink) to your 5-year old daughter?

Do you know what a brayer is? Stamping Glossary: a brayer is a handled tool with a rubber roller that is rolled on ink pads, then rolled on cardstock so that the cardstock is covered in ink.

Well, in my personal experience, asking said daughter to take the brayer into the bathroom and put it in the sink can result in some alternative brayer techniques.

090440brayeraccidentAnd these techniques (mainly, rolling the brayer on every surface in sight) were practiced by my daughter on several surfaces… the stepping stool… the top of the sink… the toilet seat lid… the back of the white door…

The funniest part? I didn’t realize what had happened until one of my Stamp Club members asked about my ‘alternative decor’ after visiting the scene of the crime (my stamping room bathroom)! :-)

Fortunately the ink washed off all the surfaces except for the stepping stool. And now the stepping stool just gives me a great story to tell at Stampin’ Up! parties :-)



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