Stamps in the Mail Club: Project Peek

Are you thinking about my Stamps in the Mail Club? Then you might want to check out this video–it shows the ‘wow’ project that everyone will make in February as part of the club.

I’ve had a couple of questions about what the projects will be like, and I wanted to state that they’ll be very flexible. I know that lots of different people sign up for my Stamps in the Mail Club, so I try to keep the card projects general. You can stamp pretty much any sentiment inside them and have a birthday/thank you/thinking of you card ready to go. The same is true of the ‘wow’ project each month. The February ‘wow’ is a flexible photo book that anyone can use. Examples of past projects have been candy tins, folding boxes, and other cool ‘wow’s.

If you have questions about the content or any of the supplies, please don’t hesitate to ask me :-)

For full details, visit my website at:

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