Stampin’ Up! Thinks Green

A customer recently asked me about Stampin’ Up!, and how the company is involved in ‘thinking green’. So I thought I’d share a little bit on the topic, in case there are other interested stampers out there!

There are actually many things that Stampin’ Up! does to be friendly to our environment… They recycle the rubber from their production processes, they use a lot of natural lighting in their warehouse and production facilities and they also use maple blocks, which are a renewable resource–farmed specifically for the purpose. There is no doubt in my mind that the leadership at SU takes their environmental impact and responsibility very seriously.

Oh, and there is even a park in Kanab, Utah, where the Stampin’ Up! production facility is located. Shelli Gardner and her husband donated the money to build the park, and they also used rubber scraps to create the bedding material under the play equipment…it’s SO cool! You can actually walk around on the super-spongy playground and find pieces of old stamp sets. When we were there for the last Founder’s Circle trip (we always get to visit the park) we were playing ‘name that stamp set’ from the scraps.


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