Stampin’ Around with 200 Kids

This past Saturday was a stamp-filled day! The Champaign Park District held their annual Downtown Festival of the Arts: a chance to close down all the major streets and fill them with artists, artwork and shoppers. As a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, I participated in the Little Artist’s Alley and offered a craft to kids of all ages (age 1 through… well… quite a bit older than that 😉

Top Ten Reasons to Love the Downtown Festival of Arts:

10. FREE parking in downtown lots
9. Lunches from Aroma Cafe (yum!)
8. Excuse to walk right down the middle of the street (it’s the kid in me 😉
7. $2 Pina Colada Smoothies from Jim Gould’s (yum!)
6. Happy visits from kids & parents that stamped with me at this event last year
5. Stampin’ Around Wheel choices: puppy paws, pink skulls or cupcakes
4. Lots of invitations to my FREE Friday Taste of Stampin’ Up! event
3. Post-stamping expressions of “WAY COOL, I did that!”
2. Excitement over upcoming Holiday Mini Catalog release of Build-A-Bear items
1. Over 200 Happy Stampers going home with fun lunchbags!

Looking for another fun Stampin’ Around Wheel project? Here’s a tutorial that I posted awhile back, including directions on how to create custom stationary in a snap.





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