Rock Climbing with Stampin’ Up!

You might have seen back on Monday, but I’m posting from out of town this week–coming to you from St. George, Utah, rather than from central Illinois.

And no, Stampin’ Up! didn’t actually take us rock climbing… but since Stampin’ Up! was sending us to this fabulous place, and since southern Utah looks nothing like central Illinois, it was time to get outdoors!

Though it had been awhile since my last rock climbing adventure, I couldn’t wait to get into my harness and onto a wall.

We headed to Prophesy Wall, just outside St. George.  Over the course of the morning my friend Lynsay Mahon and I climbed 6 routes for over 400 feet total, including our first multi-pitch climb!  Yahoo!  And if that doesn’t mean anything to you (rock climbing mumbo-jumbo), no worries–it was just pretty darn awesome, and a little bit intimidating.

Do you see Lynsay at the top of this route?  See how little she looks? (yes, that’s a person that looks like a little ant up there)  That’s because it’s a REALLY tall cliff.  And see the rope snaking up the wall?  The rock behind that rope is where we had to climb to reach the top.

Stampin’ Up! invited us out here for the Founder’s Circle Trip, and one of my favorite things about FC is that we have time to do whatever strikes US as fun.  Sometimes it’s shopping, or maybe spa treatments, or in this case it’s rock climbing and rappelling.  But no matter what we choose to do in our free moments, a huge THANK YOU to Stampin’ Up! for the opportunity to be here!

Be sure to keep your eye out for more outdoor adventures around St. George this week, in addition to the fabulous Stampin’ Up! activites and surprises!



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