Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: VBS Style

Have you passed a church with a giant panda out front this summer?  Our church has been overrun with pandas this year too, and I’m the VBS Decorations Lady at our church, so it was my garage that was overrun before all the pandas made it to church!

How does this relate to Stampin’ Up!?  Good question!  Every year, we demonstrators are also overrun with the brown packing paper that Stampin’ Up! uses in shipping boxes.  Fortunately for VBS, that packing paper comes in handy for all kind of decor themes (here are a few over the years).

So do you see it?  Can you spot the brown packing paper in our scene here?

This year the brown paper serves as:

  • rocks for the waterfalls
  • dirt under the bamboo forest backdrop
  • rocks along the sides of the streambed
  • vines on the waterfall

Further keeping with the Reduce, reuse, recycle, we used empty stove and refrigerator boxes to paint our cardboard backdrops.

So if my posts are a little sporadic this week, I may have been taken over by Pandamania!

Happy Stamping!

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3 thoughts on “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: VBS Style”

  1. Meg, I’m doing the same thing this week – not decorating, but teaching the 1st graders! Isn’t VBS exciting?!

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