Pinewood Derby: Stampin’ Style

Do you have a Pinewood Derby car to prep at your house?  This year we had a Powderpuff Derby car to build (same as pinewood, but for the Girl Scouts).  The project was a Daddy & Me project, and this year my daughter learned how to paint with masks… and Stampin’ Up! punches.

This creative inspiration is all from my husband Erick, and I was pretty impressed!  Here’s what they did:

  1. Tape wide painter’s tape to a piece of butcher paper
  2. Use a punch to punch a shape from the paper
  3. Gently remove the punched tape from the paper
  4. Apply tape to car & paint
  5. Remove tape for perfect shaped effect!

Gotta love it when the tools are handy for exactly what you want.  So whether you’re building a car now or you’re painting something else entirely, remember to try your Stampin’ Up! punches… or even your Big Shot Dies!







Happy Stamping!

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