New Decor Elements in Our Home

We recently had some painting done in our home, and I’ve had SO MUCH fun getting new Decor Elements to place around the house! Here are a couple of snapshots that I wanted to share.


The “Life isn’t a matter of milestones but of moments” phrase (medium Chocolate, 116065, $16.95) hangs on one of our kitchen walls, next to a wrought iron ornament. We thought it would be a great reminder from day to day, helping us remember that the little things… wiping spaghetti face off a 1 year old, listening to a story about the playground at preschool, or sitting and reading a book for the 1000’th time… they’re important memories that we’ll treasure.


The second shot is what you see looking up from the front hall of our home. We have a series of family photos (see the ones when it was just Erick and I, and then just Erick, Abby and I? :-) and the “family” Decor Element (small, Chocolate, 114118, $16.95) seemed like a perfect accent.






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