Minecraft Papercrafting: Tool Time Tips

Minecraft Papercrafting Tool Time Tips from LovenStamps

Minecraft? Heard of it? I bet you have – this video game is everywhere.  To get the details, all you need to do is ask any kid, 1st through 8th grade.  This semester I’m teaching an after-school enrichment program for my local school district, and the topic is “Minecraft Papercrafting” – definitely a popular class!

During the first few times we met, the kids turned flat printed papers into 3D objects like the ones from the game: mini cats, cake, beds, etc. The patterns are available for free from PixelPapercraft.com, and special thanks to Brickyboy99 for the mini cats!

minecraft papercrafting tips from lovenstamps

Here’s where your Stampin’ Up! supplies come in handy though.  These little buggers can be tricky to fold and glue without the right tools on hand.  But with the right tools, your ‘real’ world can be filled with creations from the Minecraft world!

Minecraft Papercrafting: much easier with the right tools - suggestions from LovenStamps

Look familiar?  There in the background – it’s your favorite Stampin’ Trimmer and Paper Snips.

Top Tools for Simple DIY Minecraft Papercrafting:

SNAIL Permanent Adhesive

Why these tools for easier papercrafting?

Because they will make these little boxes go together so much easier.  Here are some tips & tricks for you – and yes, you can order these supplies from my online store using the links above.

Stampin’ Trimmer: Use the scoring blade to score all the lines needed BEFORE you cut anything from the printed pages.  Scoring will make the lines fold perfectly – and scored creases won’t pull as much as merely folded paper, which means your creations will hold together better (and not pop open).

Paper Snips Scissors: These babies are uber-sharp, and they are sharp all the way to the tiny tips, which means that you can snip right into the tiny corners on many of the printed images.  Plus they’ll cut beautifully all the way to the tip, which means you can be exact in what you’re snipping – no cutting too far or too short of a corner, which can lead to frustrating folds.

Liquid Multipurpose Glue (aka Green-Lid Glue): The stuff that comes out of the tiny tip may look like Elmer’s, but it’s barely related.  This ultra-sticky glue takes only a tiny amount to give great hold.  My advice to paper crafters? If you can SEE the glue you put on the paper tab, that’s enough.  Just hold in place for 10 seconds to allow a great bond and you’re all set!  That tab is not going to pull apart, no matter how much you twist or turn your creation.

SNAIL Adhesive: Yes, there are a lot of double-sided tape runners on the market, but SNAIL is the simplest and best.  The tape will give terrific hold (make sure you press down or burnish your joins) and it comes off the roll easily – makes a big difference when you’re trying to move quickly for multi-piece paper crafting.

Minecraft Papercrafting DIY Tool Tips from LovenStamps

 Paper Snips - perfect for Minecraft Papercrafting of cats, beds and chests - Tips from LovenStampsSo grab your nearest Minecraft fan and sit down for some fun papercrafting time.  With your rubber stamping skills and their excitement about the subject matter, I’m predicting that you’ll have a fun way to share your interests with each other.

I can tell you that these paper creations have been a fun indoor adventure that doesn’t involve screen time in my family!

Happy Stamping!

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