Lego Minifig Valentines: You COLOR My World!

Preschool Valentine idea? Sure! How about Lego Valentines? I created this card for my son to take to school using My Digital Studio 2 (learn more about it) and a free font I found online – LegoThick.

We weren’t sure if his class party was candy-free, so crayons seemed like a great alternative treat.

It was simple to use MDS to create a block pattern (square punches stretched) and add the circles (Big Bold Birthday circle pattern digital stamp).  The white word blurb is the Round Bubble Punch, stretched to accommodate our greeting.

After the graphics were done, we got to work on our crayons!  When I was in Orlando last month for the Stampin’ Up! Leadership Conference (too much fun!), we stopped at Downtown Disney and I picked up a Lego ice cube tray from the Lego Store.

We didn’t use the ice cube tray for ice…we used it to make custom Lego minifig crayons!

A few tips for making your own Lego Minifigure Crayons from the ice cube mold:

  • We found that a sharp knife worked best for cutting the peeled crayons (thank you Pampered Chef!)
  • The crayons settled quite a bit so it helped to heap the crayon pieces on the mold
  • Our oven was set to 350 degrees
  • The crayons turned out most colorful when we didn’t melt them too long

My son is SO excited to share these with his class today!! Happy Valentine’s Day parties to all of you who don’t have school tomorrow!

If you already have your Valentines finished for this year, don’t despair!  These would be cute for a birthday party or any other seasonal treat.

Happy Stamping!

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6 thoughts on “Lego Minifig Valentines: You COLOR My World!”

  1. So cute! Well done, Tucker! Somewhere I have a whole bag of broken crayons to re-purpose. Thanks for the inspiration to get them out!

    • We did have to break into some new crayons after we used up our bottom of the barrel broken ones. Gotta love back to school sales!

    • Glad to share them :) Those silicone molds at the store take on a whole different life when I think of them as crayon shapes!

  2. Once you have used the trays for melting crayons, does the tray clean well to use as an ice cube tray?

    • Probably not so clean… I don’t know that I’d put ice cubes in them. If I needed both, I’d probably keep a separate tray for ice cubes and dedicate one for crayons.

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