Hot Off the Press for Father’s Day

Does it really count as ‘hot off the press’ if it’s digital? And do many people reading here really remember ‘hot off the press’ anyway?

I worked on my college newspaper in the editorial staff.  We actually used a hot wax machine to apply a thin layer of hot wax to the back of the resized photos for the final newspaper layouts.  The wax let the photos stick to the printed copy so that we could take them to the printer and get the final paper printed.

I know that’s not what ‘hot off the press’ refers to, but does anyone else remember those wax machines?  Way cool pre-technology! We did computer layouts, but the computers couldn’t handle the graphics so we used actual darkrooms to print and resize our photos.  Ah, the memories.

As Father’s Day draws near though, you’re probably waxing nostalgic about your dad!  So to help you create a fun card or scrapbook page, you’ll definitely want to check out the newest Digital Downloads from Stampin’ Up! –use them with the My Digital Studio software (learn more here) or another graphic design program.

Here’s the Father’s Day Stamp Brush Set (121070):


And the King of the Grill Stamp Brush Set (123174):


To download these or look for more recent Digital Download offerings, click here for my online store, then click ‘digital crafting’ in the left column. Then you want ‘my digital studio downloads,’ and ‘newest downloads.’

If you use the little bar at the right to ‘show all’ then you can see everything that’s come out recently.  There are a bunch!  Any item that shows on that page is NOT in the original software package–so you can rest assured that ordering it is not going to duplicate something you have, unless you’ve been purchasing Digital Downloads all along.

Other good news… the Digital Downloads are ‘free shipping,’ which makes sense because you download them right away!

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