Glass Glitter: handy for 2nd grade dioramas

Those Stampin’ Up! supplies come in handy, don’t they?  Our daughter needed to make a Miner’s Hut for her 2nd grade pioneer project.  So after watching a few videos on YouTube about panning for gold (here’s our favorite), she decided that her stream needed some gold.

Hmmm… needing some gold… here’s where the Champagne Glass Glitter (see it online) and Multipurpose Liquid Glue (see it online) come in handy:

See the gold in the stream?  This miner is going to make a fortune!

Fortunately, the Glass Glitter is good for papercrafting projects, too.

Here are a few on my blog: Glass Glitter Ideas

Or here are some ideas for papercrafting projects to make with kids: Stamp with Kids

Happy Stamping!

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