Geometrical & the Kaleidoscope Trend: Pop Up Box Card Idea

Geometrical Pop-Up Box Card by LovenStamps

Pop-Up Box Card: Video tutorial on making these fabulous cards simple, from LovenStampsCan I get a big “like” for Pop-Up Box Cards??  Usually I’m all about clean and simple, but these little box cards just make me happy!  In March I shared a Video Tutorial on making these little favorites, so be sure to check it out if you haven’t seen one in action.

(Or click the photo strip to the right to see a great pin-able graphic with quick tips on making these cards)

This Pop-Up Box Card features the Geometrical stamp set (134942) that I wasn’t sure I liked…until I had my hands on it at Leadership.  We made some super-cute bookmarks (check out the project photo at the bottom of this post) that are a huge hit in my sample basket at parties now.

And even funnier, I was thinking that I wasn’t going to like the geometrical trend.  And as we were walking out of the Leadership session on the geometric trend, a demonstrator stopped me to pay a nice compliment on the dress I was wearing. “I love your dress! You’re really on top of this trend!”  I had to look down and laugh out loud, because apparently Stampin’ Up! knows me better than I know myself!  Sure enough, my dress was all about the geometric shape trend (check out the dress in this post, too).

So do yourself a favor and check out this stamp set — turns out that Stampin’ Up! knows what we like before we even realize it!!

Geometrical: DIY Pop-Up Box Card with Video Tutorial link from LovenStamps

Love the little spiral bits?  They’re so easy!  Start by punching a 1″ circle, then start at the outside and cut in a spiral in towards the center.  They pop up automatically on their own, or you can tease them out by tugging on the free end.  Attach in the center with Tombow Multi-Purpose Adhesive (110755).  I use this stuff so much that I have the product number memorized :)

One other tip — the spirals curl automatically AWAY from the top as you cut.  So if you want the black & white side to appear like my sample above, you’d put the black & white side of the paper away from you as you cut.  Don’t worry about it too much though — you’ll figure this out the first time you cut one anyway :)

Happy Stamping!

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