Founder’s Circle 2013: Jumping off cliffs

Ack!  Really? Jumping off cliffs?  Well, okay, not quite.  There are ropes involved, and a rock climbing harness, and some guys from Paragon Adventures who not only know what they’re doing but are also a ton of fun to “hang out” with.  Ha ha… hang out… get it?  What can I say – it was a fabulous day!

We’re here at Founder’s Circle 2013, and Stampin’ Up! gives us lots of time to do whatever we love.  Getting outdoors for a fabulous adventure is definitely my “love”, so here we go!  And a big thank you to Stampin’ Up! for bringing us here, and an even bigger thank you to all of my stamping friends who share in the fun of my stamping business!  Sometimes I pinch myself to make sure I’m not just dreaming about having such a wonderful job and so many fabulous friends to share it with!

Here’s the first shot of our morning — lots of water in a backpack, ready to tackle the day!

founders circle lovenstamps rock climbing01

Grabbing our gear from the truck:

founders circle lovenstamps rock climbing02

A mini-rappel to get ready for the day:

founders circle lovenstamps rock climbing03

I’ve rappelled tons of times, but this time we had a new rappel device – so just a short one to practice getting used to it before we tackled the main event… the 360 foot rappel.

founders circle lovenstamps rock climbing04

Lots of gorgeous hiking scenery all day.  We were in the Pine Valley Mountain Wilderness, located inside Dixie National Forest just outside St. George, Utah.

founders circle lovenstamps rock climbing05

The views were absolutely spectacular!

founders circle lovenstamps rock climbing06

Next stop, bottom of the valley!

founders circle lovenstamps rock climbing07

Like I said, great views.  The sky was bluer than blue.

founders circle lovenstamps rock climbing08

founders circle lovenstamps rock climbing09

See that little person on top of the rock?  And nope, we’re still not at the big rappel here.  Just some little ones to get closer to the big event.  But every moment was gorgeous, and a great chance to get outdoors and enjoy God’s creation!

founders circle lovenstamps rock climbing10

Sorry for the wash-out on this photo — photoshop is going to have to get busy here.  But it’s hard to appreciate a 360 foot rappel.  That’s like a 33 story building.  When I went over the side, I couldn’t even see the bottom of the rope — not even the people down at the bottom.

The views went on forever though — and eventually I did see the people down below me. By far the coolest rappelling I’ve ever done!

founders circle lovenstamps rock climbing11

We did a little bit of climbing today, too – a friction climb on ropes up a steep slope.

founders circle lovenstamps rock climbing13

And here is my favorite shot of the day.  Vista like no other!

founders circle lovenstamps rock climbing14

founders circle lovenstamps rock climbing15

Like I said, I feel so blessed to be here with great friends in a place that couldn’t be more beautiful! Be sure to stay tuned for more photos from Founder’s Circle this week! (and I’m sure a few more of the outdoors, too!)

Happy Stamping!

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