Ed Emberley Fingerprint Drawings

090528frogfingerprintEver stamp without any stamps? Today my daughter Abby and a friend had fun playing with a fabulous book: Ed Emberley’s Fingerprint Drawings. Some things never go away–I remember playing with this book when *I* was a kid!

The idea is to make a fingerprint (using Stampin’ Up! Classic Pads, of course 😉 and then use a pen to add feet, eyes, etc. to turn the print into something fun. Here’s a little froggie that one of the kids created.

But of course when you’re 5 or 6, inking your fingers quickly degenerates into inking your whole hand, and then to mixing as many colors on your hands as possible…

And this is AFTER the hand washing and the rubbing alcohol!! Good thing art projects are a perfectly acceptable reason for messy stained hands. It’s just the mark of a good stamper in the making!

090528stainedinkpadsIf you’re a pristine stamper (one who hates to mess up the wood block on a stamp or the sides of an ink pad) then LOOK AWAY–you won’t like the condition of my pads after this art adventure 🙂 Hey, at least I have my reinkers handy–it will be easy to add some ink to these and get them back to their “true” colors in short order.




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