Dressing, Cranberries and a Side of Glitter?

Ah, thinking ahead to our turkey day feasts… My daughter brought home a turkey to decorate and return to school, with directions to make it a family project.

So what to do when you have a family project and a craft room full of supplies? Pull out the Stampin’ Glitter, of course!  Needless to say, we are both covered in glitter, but we’re also grinning 🙂

Who needs macaroni and sand when you could have Fine Cosmo or Fine Supernova Stampin’ Glitter?

These are ultrafine glitters, which means that they have excellent sticking powder, especially when used with the 2-Way Glue Pen.


DIRECTIONS:  Really easy, even for a 1st grader.  Just draw with the 2-Way Glue Pen where you want the glitter to stick (preferably on the project… not on the table).  Then pour glitter over the top (use as much as you want!), shake the glitter around and return the extra to the container.  These little glitters go a long way!



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Stampin’ Glitter Fine Cosmo (108796)
Stampin’ Glitter Fine Supernova (114287)
2-Way Glue Pen (100425)

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