Delight in the Little Things: Sibling Scrapbook Page

One minute, it’s “cats & dogs” around here. The next minute, I’m astounded by the caring and sharing that goes on between our kids.  It’s clear though, that when it comes to looking out for each other, Abby and Tucker have each other’s backs.  On Abby’s class field trip earlier this week, Abby made Tucker welcome and comfortable among her classmates.  Here’s the My Digital Studio page I created to remember the day.

delight in the day digital scrapbooking MDS my studio children's museum template

And guess how long this page took me?  About 5 minutes.  Yup, I like that kind of scrapbooking!  The page uses the Delight in the Day Photobook Template (see it online) for My Digital Studio (try it free for 30 days!).  Here’s all I did:

  1. Purchase & download the Delight in the Day Digital Template through my online store (click here to see it)
  2. Open and click the auto-installer for the template.  The template & papers & stamps will automatically be available to you in MDS.
  3. Start a new document, pick scrapbook album, then 11 x 8 1/2″ album.  Select the 2 page Delight in the Day Template.
  4. Add photos to the photo boxes, resize if necessary.  Add text.
  5. Under “share project” at the right side of the MDS screen, choose your method of sharing.  You can export it as a jpg to email to friends (or post on your blog ;)) or you could print it at home and place it in a picture frame!

Really, it took me longer to blog about this than it did to make the page!  I also used the full Delight in the Day Photobook Template to create a quick 30 page soft-cover printed album to share with my daughter’s class. That project took a little bit longer — about 3 hours to make & edit the album just the way I wanted it, upload it for purchase from Stampin’ Up! Professional Print Services, and finish my order.

Cost was about $35 plus shipping/tax.  Pretty nice for 3 hours of work, especially when I could easily print 2 copies — one for home and one for Abby’s class.  There’s no way I could have made 1 traditional album, let alone 2, in 3 hours flat for $35 each.  I still love traditional scrapbooking, but have I mentioned how much I LOVE My Digital Studio?

Have you tried it yet?  What are you waiting for?!  I even have a series of Free MDS with Meg Video Tutorials to help you get started on your first album.  Click here to download MDS Express free for 30 days, and then click here to get started with MDS with Meg Video Tutorials!

Photo credit: Heather Wanninger Photography

Happy Stamping!

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