Decor Elements in Every Room

090422decorelementsflowersNo, I don’t quite have them in EVERY room, but I have really enjoyed putting them up around the house! Really, they are simple to use, quick to apply and they give a great look.

These Eastern Blooms (set of 5, Large Chocolate, 116084, $18.95) now dress up the formerly blank wall in my freshly painted lavatory. Of course I waited until about 15 minutes before my in-laws were set to arrive, but not to worry, 15 minutes was plenty of time to get them set and applied.

I just love how the chocolate color compliments the handtowels that I found. Okay, you caught me, I actually picked the handtowels out AFTER selecting the chocolate flowers 😉

090422decorelementseasternbBut really, the first time I saw these Eastern Blooms in the Decor Elements catalog, I didn’t think they fit into the decor in our home. Turns out they fit very nicely though!

The moral of the story? Take another look at the Decor Elements catalog–there are definitely elements that will fit in your home decor, too!







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