Day to Day Memories: An MDS Date Book

I’ve had quite a few questions this month about the My Digital Studio calendar that I created to use as my everyday planner.  With the 30% special on MDS Printing, May is a great month to print your albums!

My purse is pretty big, so the 8 x 8″ soft cover album fits perfectly. Whenever I pull out the book to mark an appointment or check my schedule, people always remark about how nice it is to have my own photos included!

But wait, how did I do that?  There’s no 8 x 8″ template for a calendar–only 12 x 12″!  Never fear, I can help you 🙂

Here are the basic steps for making your own 8 x 8″ softcover My Digital Studio Date Book:

  1. Begin with a new project, 12 x 12″ calendar with the calendar template choice
  2. Design your pages, calendar pages, etc. as you like
  3. When you’re all set, under the “edit” menu, “Change Project Type/Size” and pick 8 x 8″ album. Be sure to save as a new file so you can go back to your 12 x 12″ book if you’d like
  4. You will need to add page to keep your 2-page layouts together.  Be sure to add a first page and a last page, and consider adding a cover and a back cover if you’d like Photo Cover books.
  5. Check  your project before ordering to be sure that your 2 page spreads are still together side-by-side and that you have the right number of pages in your album.
  6. Share Project and pick Professional Printing to upload your album to Stampin’ Up! and have it printed and delivered to your doorstep!

The Stampin’ Up! Professional Printing is fabulous–quality is far above other online photobook companies that I have used.  Whenever people see my Stampin’ Up! books in person, they always remark about the high quality of the printing, paper and binding on the albums.  You will love them, too!

Happy Stamping!

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