Clearly For You: Crystal Effects Accents

Ever look at a card and think, “it just needs one more little tweak”?  That’s what went through my head on this card, until I pulled out my bottle of Crystal Effects (see it online).

The little birds on a wire from this Clearly For You stamp set (see it online) were naked.  Ack!  Can you believe it? Just naked!  So I grabbed the Crystal Effects and gently applied a glossy coat of liquid shine to all three.

A few CRYSTAL EFFECTS TIPS for you (or see some other Crystal Effects projects):

  • Before first use, remember to remove the foam seal between the bottle and the pointy tip (unscrew the lid to get this out)
  • Before first use, also remember to clip just the very end of the bottle tip.  I like to clip as little as possible to get a hole so that the Crystal Effects will come out in a fine line.
  • Don’t shake your Crystal Effects–this incorporates bubbles that can come out onto your work.  Just hold the bottle upside down and let it gently run into the tip.
  • Keep a Certified Unclogging Tool (aka paper clip) handy.  I actually like to tape mine to the side of the CE bottle so it’s always there.  When you re-open your CE, just stick the paper clip in the tip a few times to push aside any dried CE.
  • Don’t store your Certified Unclogging Tool in the bottle.  If the paperclip rusts it will discolor your CE

Happy Stamping!

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