Cards for the Troops: Loads of Love

cards-for-troops-stack-of-bI keep thinking about the sweet pick-up truck stamp set in the Stampin’ Up! Catalog:  Loads of Love.  Because that’s about what it takes for this stack of boxes to head off overseas for our men and women in uniform.

You’re probably not surprised to learn that there’s no greeting card store on the street corner in places like Afghanistan.  So sending boxes of hand-made Stampin’ Up! cards gives the soldiers a source for cards to send greetings home to family and friends.

Last month we gathered together with several LovenStampfuls Demonstrators and friends to turn some of the card fronts from past demonstrator swaps into full cards to be sent overseas.  Our goal was to turn 500 fronts into cards during our time.  We pretty much passed that up in the first 20 minutes though, and ended up with 1246 finished cards by the end of the night.

Over the next month we collected donations of envelopes and a few more cards, so that the total I just sent off was 1286 cards and 1400 envelopes.


cards-for-troopsTurns out that takes quite a few Priority Mail Boxes to pack!

If you’re looking to do something similar, there is a great organization that sends cards to the troops — From Our Hearts. They have a terrific network for delivering cards to those that need them.

Whether you make 12 cards or 1286 cards, the hand-stamped ‘hug’ of a greeting card is a great way to help those who are serving our country.

Happy Stamping!

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3 thoughts on “Cards for the Troops: Loads of Love”

  1. What a wonderful project! My husband retired after 37 years with the US Army and it would have been great if he had access to greeting cards when he was overseas and missed so many important occasions. Thank you.

  2. That’s a lot of cards!!! I also helped but with OWH but for sure the quantities doesn’t match up to yours!

  3. Meg – bless you and your friends for doing this. (I lurk on your blog often….) You are such a kind and giving gal. I love it. (I also love the bling-phone in the post above.)

    Take care, Meg from MN

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