Back To School: don’t forget!

I’m not sure about your house, but here at my house the back to school cycle is a bit of a rush of remembering new gym shoes, sending permission slips, signing up for Girl Scout programs, and of course, stamping!  Here’s a fun back-to-school project that’s perfect for anyone who might have something to remember — a 12″ Cork Board, stamped to your own design!

This project is actually one of the ones the kids made at my Scrap Camp this summer, complete with images from the Circle Circus stamp set and a Decor Element from the medium Flutter Decor Elements (see it online) in Whisper White.  (check out other Decor Elements online)

The cork board came from an office supply store, on sale for back-to-school.  The stamping was done with Craft Ink, which is a bit different from Classic Ink.

CRAFT vs. CLASSIC INK:  What’s the difference?

Classic inks are “dye inks”, which Craft Inks are “pigment inks”.

Dye ink absorbs into the paper; pigment ink sits on top of the paper and does not absorb. Pigment ink tends to be thicker than dye ink and is often preferred for scrapbooking because pigment inks are more resistant to fading than most dye inks.

The Stampin’ Up! Craft inks are also great for using as a heat-set fabric ink.  I’ve used them on projects like onesies for babies, dish towels, or silk/poly scarves.  They can fade a bit with repeated washing, but they’re still great!

Classic Pads are preferred for projects like watercoloring, since they’re water-based and will blend easily.  Plus they dry almost instantly, which is great for everyday stamping projects.

You can check out more of my Craft Pad projects by clicking here.

Happy Stamping!

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