Abby’s Cupcake Artwork

In my last post I forgot to explain the green streamers hanging on my Stamping Studio cabinets. Our daughter Abby just turned 5 years old, and we held the craft part of her birthday party in my Stamping Studio. Yes, imagine that, the kids did crafts at our house! 😉 Ha… our god-daughter’s favorite question when she comes to play is always, “Can we do a project now?” 🙂

Abbys Cupcake Artwork - Stampin Up

These are the thank you notes that Abby created for some of her friends. We used the Simple Birthday Thanks stamp on Whisper White cardstock. I cut out the cupcake, then Abby used regular Crayola Washable Watercolor paints to color in the frosting and cherry on each cupcake. When the paper was dry, I SNAILed the cupcakes to a Real Red background paper. Abby loved creating these little masterpieces, and I just wanted to share them with you!

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