24 Hours: Stamping, Swapping, Sharing

Attending the Founder’s Circle Retreat is a fabulous treat–and since I love being there so much, I like to make the most of my time.  Which translates vaguely to, “skip the sleep, there are fun things to be doing!”

On this 3rd day of Founder’s Circle, we rose early to attend a Stampin’ Up! Half-Day Regional Event.  These events are offered all over the country, and they’re a great way to pick up a few hours of demonstrator training for business ideas and stamping techniques.  One of the great attractions is the Idea Boards.  Do you think we want pictures of those?

We also got to stamp a set of Make N Take projects using the Day of Gratitude stamp set from the Holiday Mini Catalog.  Yes, it’s the stamp set I used on my Founder’s Circle Swaps (more on those later!).

After lunch (yummy Mexican buffet in the hotel), we set off for another outdoor adventure.  Because really, if you have a couple of hours, don’t you want to get outside? Possibly not, but several of us did, so off we went!

This time our trip was to go Canyoneering in Yankee Doodle Canyon, just outside of Zion National Park.  With 10 in our group, we spent several hours descending the canyon, including 6 rappel spots (wearing a harness and dropping into the canyon suspended by a rope) and several more opportunities to scramble over short drops and around puddles.

The views were endless and the narrow canyon glowed with reflected light on the red rocks. Plus the company couldn’t have been better! At one point our guides had us squish into this depression in the rock for a photo opportunity.

We may not look all that fabulous in our helmets, but you can bet we were having a good time!

Our group arrived back just in time to take a really quick shower, grab a piece of pizza and then head in for the Business Share & Card Swap Event.  Of course the evening was a Pajama Party, so comfy slippers and jammies were everywhere.  Stampin’ Up! provided us with Fabulous 50’s style refreshments: bottles of soda and fresh popcorn.

After the Business Share we lined up in the hallways with our card swaps (we had to bring 135 of them!) and got ready to swap.  If you’ve never participated in an organized swap like this… well, it’s a hoot!  Pretty much we form a long line and then the line snakes back on itself so that everyone has a chance to trade cards with everyone else.

Check out the swaps! Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing some of my favorites as close-ups in the next few weeks!

As if that didn’t fill up the day with enough treats, Stampin’ Up! had gifts waiting for us on our pillows, back in our rooms.  The box went with the Fabulous 50’s theme–the gift was packed in a cute pizza delivery box!  We each received a bright pink and black bowling shirt, along with a cryptic note that we should bring it, along with our team scarves from the first night, to the “mystery” finale event on Saturday.

So much fun, packed into a single day.  It’s no wonder that we come home from Founder’s Circle and need a nap!



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  1. Is that blonde hair I spy on you!? Looks like you had a great time at Founder’s Circle! Thanks for sharing all the details and photos of the pillow gifts. I enjoy living it vicariously through you! :)

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